Draper's Bluff, IL
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Directions to park: From Marion, go 10 miles south on I-57 to Lick Creek Exit. Then go about 3 miles east on Lick Creek Road. Turn right and park at Cedar Grove Church in the far right half of the lot. Hike past west side of church to the north west for 200 yards to hill. Take trail marked with 2 posts. Cross meadow, turn left, and cross the stream. Go uphill between 2 shacks. Pass the right shack and enter the woods, crossing the wash to a fork at the bluff. Turn right at fork for north face and left for south face and the majority of the routes. Hike is about 45 minutes total. Some routes require rappel in.




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Climbing: Traditional and Sport with routes up to 120 feet.  

Access: Park - OpenPrivate - Closed- Access: Some of the climbing is on private land so don't trespass.

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