Tollhouse, CA
The Tollhouse cliff

Photo By: Linda Shen

Directions to park: To get to Tollhouse, take Hwy 168 East out of Fresno. The 168 will turn into a double-lane highway approx. 20 miles out of Fresno. Follow this to the top of the double-lane grade and turn right onto Tollhouse Road. If you've reached Pine Ridge, you've gone too far. Go approximately 1.2 miles on Tollhouse Rd before reaching a PG&E service access road on the left. Turn here and either park in the dirt lot or continue with a "hardy" vehicle down the service road. 4x4's are the recommended mode of transportation if one wishes to reach the end of the service road during the spring rainy season and/or drive up the 4x4 trail (turn right, directly after passing some powerlines) rather than hike up to the top. Two-thirds the way up the trail is a open granite slab area that provides ample parking and an access climbers trail to the bottom of Tollhouse Rock. One may also continue to the top and park at the trails end. A climbers trail begins here and "tunnels" through manzanita and comes out onto the Cap Rocks area of Tollhouse. Several top rope climbs exist including rap stations to allow access to the routes below. Tollhouse routes average around 4 pitches in length and yield both traditional and sport leads on moderate to steep angle granite slab.

Recommended top-ropes climbs: Spiderman .10d (fun exposure), Stairway To Heaven .10b/c and Sudden Impact .12a (extreme pucker factor if lead!!). Recommended multi-pitch leads: Tollhouse Traverse 5.5, Elephant Walk 5.7, Wandering Taoist 5.9, Balls 5.9, Art Baker Memorial 5.9 (the sustained finger crack on the second pitch is the hallmark)

As a side note, don't miss out on the Annual Tollhouse Face-Off. This event is usually held the last weekend of October (hopefully aligning with the fall harvest full moon). Fun is the key throughout the weekend. Leave the lycra and the egos at home for this "get together". Highlighted events: the midnight simul-climb of the Tollhouse Traverse under the glow of the autumn full moon, a local Fresno outfitter raffels climbing gear and T-shirts are sold at the event. Last years theme: Celebration Of The Sole.


Camp-sites: Camping is free. Limit your stay to 14 days to keep access intact and PG&E friendly!




Cheap Healthy Eats:

  • The Sierra House Restaurant in the town of Shaver Lake, 7 miles past Tollhouse Road on the 168. Woodfire pizzas and stouty hops....nuff said!
  • Try the Sawmill Resturant (also in Shaver Lake) for decent food and a history lesson.
  • Help us add eats

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Climbing: Sport and Traditional - Hazards - Rattlesnakes, hunters and the scorching heat during the summer season  

Access: Park - Open

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